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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foreign investment in Russia’s economy drops by 30% in 1Q09

Foreign investment in Russia’s economy drops by 30% in 1Q0905–23–2009 – The Moscow News – Foreign investment in the Russian economy in the first quarter of this year was $12 billion, 30.3% less than the same period of 2008, the Federal Statistics Service said on Friday, RIA Novosti reports. It said the share of foreign direct investment in the accumulated foreign capital was 42%, down from 48% as of March 2008. The largest investors in Russia during the reporting period were the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Cyprus, the United States, and France. "These countries accounted for 76.2% of total accumulated foreign investment and 76.3% of total foreign direct investment," the federal service said. It said foreign investors prefer to invest in the mining of mineral resources, the manufacturing industry, consumer goods production, and the services sector.

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